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new v3 site gets me steaming

new v3 site gets me steaming

Nov 17, 2016, 11:50 AM 1

firstly we are all going to have to go on here soon .... if we want to keep playing ,however i arrived here one day i logged in and here i was v3 in all its glory 

so i thought i may as well get used to it as i log in every day, i dont like the layout its like facebook throwing everything in your face, but that isnt my main concern .

my main concern is that on log in page it refuses to let me enter 9 times out of ten !!!

in fact when i did get in and google asked to save info ,i  did . something i dont like doing by choice, heres the joke though ,when i tried to log in later with that saved info site wouldnt let me in

ill be frank im angry and annoyed some things are supposed to be straightforward and logging in to a chess site should be one of them 

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