otb at last !

Jun 27, 2009, 5:26 AM |

ok  the last two years i got my chess kick on here , but i bumped in to a bloke who plays chess .. (when they say they play , i always ask them their fav. opening , to see if they REALLY  play ) he said he used to play at club level and suggested we play  one day , a friday after work .

so now we`ve gone three games , the last 3 fridays , playing in pubs  yeah some people do look at us gone out , but we`re both past 40 so we`re allowed to be "eccentric"

the games start around 3pm and at 4.30 he has to pick up his wife , that plays well  so far i had the best of it with white (played 2 times as w) and he came so close to destroying me when he had white ! i can thank his wifes schedule, for a draw , scores at the moment are played 3 drawn 3 heh heh 

yesterday we went to a pub on the outskirts of tamworth very much in the countrysidewe were sittin under big umbrella`s on a dinning patio (it seemed to be mainly a restaraunt pub) chuckin it down with rain and the scenary was fantastic, good old english weather lush fields and trees , after a shift in the foundry that scenario and a couple of guiness`s was a rather nice end to the week  ;))