pub chess .. holding the fort

well fridays continuing game otb  was a bit damp .. i was black and trailing 0-1 i couldnt aford to loose so i played caro can , funny thing is after the first move i thought , why am i playing this opening i dont even like it , 10 moves in  i thought a draw was most likely slight problems around 20 moves then i got a chance of a q swap , if he didnt i was in a better position .. he did and a draw was inevitable .. quite flat really , next week im white and i really need to throw a perculiar spanner in the (his) works !!


  • 7 years ago



    CARO-KANN?! ARE YOU MAD?!?!?!?!

    heheh, just razzin'. Caro-kann a very solid opening, one I wish I knew how to play better. I just never seem to move on from French, Dutch, and KID... I should give it a whirl sometime.

    Congratulations on another draw - this guy you play must be really tough.

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