the pub game ..cont..

notice how this is not straight after the event... that may give the result away in itself ..

fridays otb game ended in a loss for me, i used the english opening and was doing very well .. caught him off guard ! but , because i wanted a result, i went for a rather cavalier bishop for two pawns exchane as i had great position and looked like i could over run him , i failed to notice a quiet bishop move that turned the game on its head .. well the opening was good , so although a loss i will study the english opening more and get more weapons in my arsenal .. heres to future success with the english !!


  • 7 years ago


    You should try and write down some of your moves or remember them so that you can put them in PGN form for us to see - that'd be awesome.

    Oh, and if you need some practice with English Opening, it's one of my faves so I'll give you some sparring practice with it if you like :)

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