is Garry Kasparov cheater?

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Transcript of incident from video analysis (7:50-11:39) of the Polgar-Kasparov game during the time pressure incident:

"But what actually happens here is Kasparov touched his knight, and made a move with his knight to c5. And then he saw if he moves there there would be Bc6 skewing the queen and rook, which result would most likely be a loss for Kasparov. So he changed his move ... he moved his knight to f8.

"But the problem was when he moved, he let go of the piece. Judit Polgar saw this, and she was stunned. She looked at the arbiter and there was no response from him. She made a mistake and didn't disupte this, didn't claim that Kasparov had let go of the piece. That move should have been final, and the most probable result would most likely been a Kasparov loss.

"Afraid her claim would have lost, and she would have been penalized time on the clock, and they were in time pressure. She should have established a claim and won that game. The actual event was recorded on camera, and saw that Kasparov let go of the Knight on c5, for less than a second.

"After that, she never shook hands with Kasparov for a few years, whenever they met."

What Judit says:

"Kasparov touched a knight in our 1994 Linares game and didn't move with this piece afterwards. Unfortunately there were no witnesses and also the arbiter was not there. There was a video tape which they didn't show me. We didn't talk for a long time after that."

- From an August, 1996 interview with Martin Raubal (Scroll down to bottom of interview)