12 minute Blitz game

Sep 27, 2010, 6:44 PM |

I'm sure I did as well as I did in this game because of the many improvements I've made as a result of what I've learned from the chess.com Tactics Trainer. I think both sides played well and had attacking chances throughout - up until the very end. According to the chess.com computer analysis, I made one blunder and my opponent made two. As often happens, the one who blunders last loses, and that is what we see here. The second blunder happens just before victory.


According to chess.com computer analysis, White's first blunder is move 19. Instead of Re1 which was played, the computer recommends dxe6 which leads to a "decisive advantage" for White in which White's queen is on the board and Black's queen is not. Also at move 19 the computer recommends for Black castling queenside over castling kingside which was played in the game. The computer-generated line that develops subsequently indicates a "drawish position" which results. The one blunder the computer analysis found for Black was at move 27. Instead of ... h6 which was played the computer recommends ... Qf2 which leads to "a decisive advantage for Black". I remember thinking at the time about playing 27 ... Qf2 but I was afraid that if I had overlooked something then I'd be vulnerable to the back-rank mate. I also remember thinking that my pieces were fairly well-protected and had several "good squares" they could go to if I needed to put them somewhere else. So I was not worried that my attack would falter or stall by playing the prophylactic ... h6. White's second blunder, probably less fatal than the first, was at move 30. Instead of Nd2 which was played, the computer recommends Rg1 which also leads to "a decisive advantage for Black". So, at that point, White was pretty much done. I imagine there's a way to post the computer analysis here with all alternative lines available but when I tried to do that only the first 8 or so moves showed up. When the first alternate line from the analysis was introduced, none of the remaining moves showed up in the blog post.