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My Testimony part one (:

Mar 6, 2014, 8:07 AM 9

When I was very young my mom and dad got  a devorse (like many of my friends parents). I was only in kindergarden, But it didn't have a huge affect on me untill about fourth grade, then I started screwing up in school and getting bad grades. My life flew by very fast and I was only becoming a worse person every day that it did. moving from one parents house to another was emotionaly hard. I moved atleast 7 times and then I got tired of living with my dad because he was a radical Christian and wouldn't give me my ''liberty''. Sooo I moved in with my mom who would let me do whatever I want!! At about that time I was in middle school (or you could call it Junior high (: ) Almost all of my friends were pott heads (people that smoke weed) And I was getting involved with gangs (Just for your information I was living in California at the time and gangs are a ''normal'' thing to be involved in where I am from). My life was full of hate, bitterness, and... well, more hate lol. I was constatntly having to look over my shoulder for police and other gang members that hated me. I remember being obessesed with money and drugs. Once I got into Highschool I was ''well known'' as, '' that stoner who sells grass''. My mom was letting me smoke weed inside of our garage with my friends whenever I wanted  While hiding from me that she was addicted to meth. A lot of the time she would come home  completely tweaked out on meth. My life was all about the next paty, the next girl friend, the next High... but my life was falling apart.. I thought that I was happy but I was really miserable deep, deep down. 

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