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My testimony part two(:

Mar 8, 2014, 10:35 AM 13

Freshman year was horrible! But i was just happy that I made it to higschool because my grades in 8th grade were all f's  so they sent me to summer school ahaha, but I ditched summer school so much that I got kicked out! And guess what!? They still let me into Highschool! It was unbelievable! I was putting all of my energy and focus into making money off of drugs and pleasing gang members. Ditching school to get high was a regular practice. I was jumping through the ranks in the gang and soon enough I was leading a smaller group of gang members. I was depressed... mom wouldn't come home for long periods of time and she attempted suicide and the police took her to the behavioral health center (the place that phychopathic lunatics go to). She finally came home and didn't even bother to tell us what had happend (I found out later through my dad). She continued doing meth and got a boy friend that had just served 6 years in prison.. Little did I know at the time but he would become my mentor in criminal activities.. I hated religion and I hated anything that symbolized an ultimate athority outside of my gang. I classified people that I knew into two categories, Friends (people I actually cared about), and ''homies'' (people I only cared about as long as I could get somthing out of the. Drugs, money, weapons, ect. But my life was about to get a whole lot worse...

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