59th Team Ch (m) 2nd Division

Jun 15, 2009, 6:13 AM |

Round 1: We get "Bye" so it was a day off and a 1/2 match point.


Round 2: I'm on the second table. I got to play the highest rated player of the opposite team - FM Todor Galunov 2318.








Round 3: again on 2nd table. In this game I get to play against the teams captain - charming young man, desperately trying to escape the opening theory.








Round 4 and Round 5 - I was substituted... so two days off chess. The championship happens to be at the Sunny Beach... so ... I haven't missed chess these two days ;)


Round 6: I'm on 3rd table playing against the 15 yo Sasho Andreev - Bulgarian champion for boys under 16. Later my teammates told me that he's one of the strongest youngsters.








Round 7: Final round