one year of

Feb 24, 2010, 9:16 PM |

Hi everybody , chess fans and friends of course. Its being a year of my start on the chess world,  of this exciting game that it got all of us hooked in a very good way. On the personal perspective i didnt reach the goals i put to myself acording to ratings and ways of playing, (dont have the time i need to put myself  to reach this goals), its something that i will work in the future.The main reason im writing this is because its the good people i met trough this year and i think i made some friends too.Im really enjoying being a member of this site and now that i dont have the time like before i really missed  to be on live and stuff. I want to wrap this up thanking all my good friends i did in this year and  in special to those who are been helping me with my games having a lot of patience(even i still stuck in 1320 since august) , they know who they are (promote2pawn, hardland, soniaxue), thank you very much guys.

I will try my second chess year with a diferent mind set to try to achieve better results on the game aspects, but i wish i could met more excellents players and friends,.

Thanks to the chess world and staff and keep improving/////

         Regards LUCHO12