when you try and dont improve

May 30, 2009, 10:28 PM |

im speaking for those like me who we tried to improve our game and we dont have results.Ive been playing for like four months already and im a mediocre player but when i play  against better ratings that mine i do good games.

my points is what else do we have to try ? i have problems trying to see tactis and strategy because its very hard to me to follow it, you know they make a move and ruin your plan.

people tried to advise me and i listen and y apply  the method but  it seems like i cant get over the numbers of my rating, i  do excellent games and i loose stupid incredible games and that ruins my  focus on the game.

you guys outthere maybe a lot of players go through this  and after i will became i little better or i really suck?

im listening  !!! thank you guys