10 reasons why batman is better than spidey

Mar 21, 2009, 8:30 PM |

for those of u that voted for batman in my debate, then u rock, and so do the people who voted spiderman. don't get me wrong spiderman is cool, but i have a few reasons why batman is better.

1.gotham city has a bat signal for him

2.he has a cool voice

3.he's rich and has a mansion with a secret cave

4.he has gadgets

5.he wears a cape

6.in the show he travels throughout the universe

7.he has a really cool car the "BatMobile"

8.he can see in the dark

9.he doesn't kill villians he just beats them up and let them go

10.he has a belt that holds his gadgets

these are why i think batman is better than spiderman.leave a comment telling me more reasons why batman is awsome or why he sucks and why spiderman is better in your opinion or if he sucks.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!