Endgame Studies & Training

Feb 9, 2014, 1:48 PM |
Even though I am an (advanced?) beginner and a horrible patzer, especially in blitz and rapid games, I feel inclined a lot to learn and improve my game; currently, I mainly focus on opening and endgame training and would like to share some interesting(?) stuff with chess players who are also eager to learn the pretty basic issues. So, I hope you like my posts a bit. Questions, comments and improvements are always very welcome! :)
In the first diagram below it is Black to move, and there is only one move that achieves a draw!
BTW, I plan to post much more stuff like this on a very regular basis, of course with more difficult things to come as well, but for the beginning I want to share the easy things as I myself want to learn by doing, too :)
The second situation in the next two diagrams below really happened in a game between NENAROKOV and N. GRIGORIEV (Moscow, 1924); will Black win no matter whose turn it is?
And as the final puzzle of today we see a situation below where it is a disadvantage for Black that it is his turn to move! He will lose...if it was White's turn he could draw!