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Getting Started

Getting Started

Nov 22, 2007, 12:33 PM 1

Without a doubt when getting started one should begin with a coach. In lieu of a coach, instructional material in the form of video's, dvd's and other resources should augment one's learning. Chess, like any other endeavor requires time, patience, creativity and most of all, a guide.  Even though, I haven't purchased the instructions of Chad Kimball, the 9 free lessons has assisted me in undoing a lot of bad habits picked up along the way without having a coach. Do you remember Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon? The student never studied formally with a certified teacher, so her learning became a barrier to perfecting her skills and in the end led to her ruin. One may become good without a coach, but one will never master certain priniciples learned with one, one being humility, which is an excellent one to begin with. Therefore, I suggest http://www.chessvictory.com/ if one doesn't have a coach or until one finds one. As human contact brings certain elements into play that a book, video, dvd or correspondence course can't do. So graft yourself onto a teacher, who can lead you and enhance your innate talent and qualities. Until check out: http://www.chessvictory.com/

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