Another nice attack

Jun 16, 2013, 3:43 PM |
Today I was happy to take part in a nine-round rapid chess tournament organized by the local chess club. Although I must admit that blitz would rather be my cup of tea (not daring to even touch the Holy Classical Chess! :)), such a five-hour battle, though extremely devastating, is always worth it.

As usual, my results failed to match my expectations (only 5 pts out of 9), but I didn't even mean to get frustrated since I managed to produce, so to say, pretty "high-quality" chess for my level. In addition, it helped me reveal a couple of problems with my openings - I definitely have stuff to work on! :)

What I want to show you today is a nice game played (as White) in the 4th round against one of the favorites (FIDE rated ~2200). The opening was a KID/Modern-Benoni hybrid. Black tried to expand aggressively on both flanks and was promptly punished.
Here you see the final moves of the game, hope you'll like it ;)
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