Autumn ~ a tribute

Nov 4, 2010, 8:37 AM |

    A few months ago here in the UK, after saying an emotional farewell to her dying mother Debbie Phillips, Sarah Phillips, 16, decided to produce a personal tribute to her mom and her four-year battle against cancer.

    Alone in her bedroom, in Chiswick, West London, Sarah Phillips read the words of the song "Autumn", by Scottish singer Paulo Nutini, from the internet.  

    Then, holding her mobile phone in her left hand and using it as a recording device, she sang the song pitch perfect without any music – and without a single mistake or hesitation. Four and a half hours later, Sarah and the rest of her family were at Mrs Phillips' bedside in the family home when she took her final breath. She was just 48. 



    It was back in February this year (2010), the version of the song that Sarah recorded was released on YouTube just days after Mrs Phillips's funeral, attended by more than 400 family and friends.


    The song has been put to music and clips from family videos taken during the last two decades of Mrs Phillips's life.

    Here it is. . . Autumn. . .

. . . That smile I lost, well I've found somehow,
Because you still live on in my father's eyes. . .