Chi Mai ~ translation: Who Ever. . . and where I began

Jan 11, 2011, 4:36 AM |

      and finally, part IV. . . (or is it part I J )

It was some time after the Spaghetti Westerns, maybe ten years or so, before the BBC produced a drama-documentary called The Life and Times of David Lloyd George, a 19th century politician and early 20th century Prime Minister here in the UK ; the theme music for which was (as I was to find out not until some years later) Chi Mai, which translates to Who Ever. It was also used, at about the same time, as the theme for a French film called Le Professionnel .

The BBC series had finished running before I realized just how much I liked the theme tune, and hearing it periodically on the radio etc set me off, from time to time, trying to find out the name of it and who recorded it! I never seemed to catch it being introduced and without the internet and google (in the 80s) it was something I never caught up with for quite some time. When I did finally catch up is when I started seeing Ennio Morricone in a different light, not just as the man who produced the music for spaghetti westerns, but rather as an extremely talented conductor/composer in his own right.

It is still my favourite piece of all his work, not exactly classical, but poignant and far reaching (even haunting) and as close as one can get!

He originally composed it for a film called Madellena so-named after the island (and town) of the same name off Northern Sardinia (for the benefit of the Americans here, that's an Island too, a part of Italy J) but it never really took off until some years later when it was used for Le Professional and by the BBC for  their TV series at roughly the same time.

Included here is the original instrumental as in Le Professional/Lloyd George and (not sure if you’re into Techno & Trancy) a great remix of the same compositon set to some clips of the film, although the film featured the original and not the remix ~ but hey ~ it's cool bananas!



The story wouldn’t be complete if Dulce Pontes hadn’t put her voice to it, and this she did . . .

House of No Regrets

The house where I was born
Still stands for who I am
Every stone laid
Is a bridge made to my past

The house where I grew tall towers over me
Shadows bring everything back in soft light
I wouldn't change yesterday not in my life
And so, I live in a house of no regrets

There are many rooms inside my head
Corridors that wind, through time, never end
They are journeys meant to be
Every house is part of me

The house where I found love lingers
Sends me shivers
Like the first time
Stairways I climb to the heights

The house where I grow old will be free of ghosts
From what I’ve done I won't run come the dark night
I wouldn’t change yesterday not in my life
The years show, I live in a house of no regret

Sorry this all took so long. . .


Ramble complete! Smile