Cool Covers ~ some of the best. . .

Apr 30, 2012, 8:47 AM |

   k, there is a lot of reworked stuff that I love and (just like challenging for the title in a good fight), a draw just isn't good enough; to take the title you have to go that extra mile. Here's the Four Tops' Walk Away Renee, and Vonda Shepard with a  great cover on it ~ and following that a few more covers that are just too cool and so, so good! 


 And Dylan's Don't think twice. . . and for me, Joan Baez's best recording of it (she did several). This one is with the Indigo Girls is as rare as a 9pound note. . . 


And  Arlo Guthrie from the Album: Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie ~ Together in Concert 


And Tell him. . .  Vonda shepard’s take on the old Exciters hit single ~ I know something about love. . . 


And the one and only John Lennon with his take on Ben E King’s Stand By Me 


Here next, young meets old with Norah Jones coming together with one of Rock and Pop’s greatest guitarists and riff makers Keith Richards with a great live performance of Nazareth’s old hit ~ Love Hurts 


If you’re not convinced of my penultimate comment just take a look at Keith Richards here with Chuck Berry covering Chuck’s “Carol” which he released way back in 1958 and released (would you believe it) on Chess Records     J 

Just one more for good measure ~ Vonda Shepard trying her hand at Crying. . . it's got style, more cool bananas. . . 


If you have, or know of, any other great covers that measure up feel free to drop them in here!




~ m8ed