Fairy dust. . .

Jul 24, 2011, 1:01 PM |

   And so Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, the Princess Catherine, known the world over affectionately as Kate, end their first tour together as husband and wife and return home to England from North America.


   Their first Royal tour, her debut tour, was also very much her tour de force! Her every move, every word and her sartorial style was scrutinised daily from dawn to dusk, and beyond, and she passed every test with flying colours.


   There were two items she exhibited however that were inescapable, two items which she wore every day of the tour ~ that of her love for her husband and that of her pride in her new job! These things stood out above all others ~ they do wax eloquently these two, both between themselves and with others, and seemingly, they have married for all the right reasons.  


   She was the star of the show, a star in her own right; she neither upstaged her husband nor sheltered in his shadow ~ she was just every bit her radiant natural self.


   Yep ~ for sure ~ it’s pure fairy dust. 



































It was a windy day at Calgary Airport  J


~ m8ed