For the Love of a LION

Feb 14, 2011, 6:49 AM |

    This is an old story which I came by today ~ it's worth bringing back to life for those who may have missed it thus far or at the time when it occured!


   In 1969, two guys living in a flat (apartment) in London, John Rendall and Ace Bourke, went into the world-famous store of Harrods and made a rather unlikely purchase. What they saw there was a caged lion cub, and it was for sale.


   They purchased the cub, named him Christian, and the three of them bonded together as the lion grew in the confines of the city, their apartment, and their local churchyard. Sadly, a year or so later when Christian had outgrown the only surroundings he had ever known, it was time to say goodbye and to try introduce him to Africa, the land of his ancestors (he was born in zoo in Ilfracombe, not far from where I live, before being acquired by Harrods).


   So, after growing up with John and Ace he was successfully introduced into the wild, and a year or so after that John and Ace were missing him so badly that they set out for the reserve in Africa to see if they could find him. They were advised that Christian was now a wild animal and even if they did go there and find him it would be far too dangerous for them to approach him.


Notwithstanding this advice they went anyway.


This is what happened when the bond of love which had crossed continents was put to the test. . . 




   For those of you that want to see a little more of Christian growing up, this is worth viewing ~ but only after watching the previous link