It's a party!

Jun 30, 2011, 12:02 PM |

Before I go and blog on my recent karaoke hits (I think I mentioned we had 2 back to back a while ago, and another just a few days ago), I thought I’d  get this one done.


I have to be in the right mood if I’m gonna be head-banging and doing any heavy metal but for some reason, I’ve been doing this one a lot lately.


Embarrassingly it’s an American heavy metal band (which is kinda a bit plastic really, a bit of a misnomer), but hey, it’s a great cover of a real cool-bananas old Irish folk song made famous in metal by Phil Lynott’s Thin Lizzy way back when.


They both have their own character, the tracks I mean, and they’re both really really good ~ jeez that was an English test J 


Like I said, the original is an old favourite anyway and the cover ~ O, I never gave them a plug yet ~ well, it’s Metallica, is good too; for a cover to be a success, it has to have something different, a little something extra, and it has that alright.


I like the cover for a whole lot of reasons. . . see if you can spot any of ‘em. One or two  of them even remind me of old girl-friends J 


If you don’t know where the Cork and Kerry mountains are, well, they’re in the south eastern corner of the Emerald Isle (that’s Ireland btw) in the counties of Cork and Kerry. The land is as green as our own here in England and if you ever go there, be sure to visit the coastal village of Kinsale, Cork’s culinary capital if gastronomic treats float your boat ~ the pubs are really pretty cool and friendly too. While you're there, make sure you kiss the blarney stone at Castle Blarney as well, it's just 20 minutes away. If you do, as many have (even many famous names have done so), legend has it that you will be gifted with eloquence and persuasiveness. Here before you is living proof!!! LOL


Anway, here with an old girl-friend or two (and no, they were not on the wrong bus, LOL)  is Metallica’s cover



And Thin Lizzy's ‘original’; each is as good as the other in their own way, but make your own minds up. . . what you think ?





~ m8ed


Bonus track ~ here’s Phil Lynott with an old friend who has also, just recently, died and who guested with Phil and Thin Lizzy so many times, Gary Moore, another great guitarist.


Parisienne Walkways. . .