More on Gabriel's Oboe & Ennio. . . (part deux)

Jan 9, 2011, 10:17 AM |

k , here we go part deux. . . of 3, maybe 4


Already it’s gonna go maybe to 4 because it seems to me that the raison d'être (the piece of music that I have foremost in my mind's eye) is so worth it that it warrants standing alone rather than just tacked on the end of here ~  kinda give you something to look forward to  J


If you’ve listened to Ennio’s music as often as I have you may get a sense that the newly composed Gabriel’s Oboe (for the film The Mission) is closely related to these posted below ~ a kinda new meat on old bones. The tune may be different, but the melody is almost identical! Here I go again. . . rambling. . .


I’m talking about a string of music he composed for a film called Once Upon a Time in the West, not a girlie film, but don’t switch off yet, the music is pure Morricone (I’ll say my piece on him and how, for me, it all started in the last part), kinda arse-about-face I know but it seems a better fit!


The film. . . it was 70s I think (you can check) and starred a younger Marlon Brando and Charles Bronson (who played a character called Harmonica), a kinda spaghetti western ~ I always feel kinda sad that that will probably be the reason Ennio Morricone will be best remembered by the masses and what he will be immortally linked to, when in point of fact he will likely go down in the annuls of history as one of the, if not the greatest, composer of the 20th century!


Without more ado, the first is the main movie theme, a cool-bananas piece of modern-day classical music every bit as good as some Mozart, but don’t listen to me ~ give me harpsichord, a violin, and some wind and I’m anybodies J  The accompanying video you might even call ‘reflections’! The second (with a rather poignant video and a stark message) is entitled finale.








The best, provided you all don’t go searching and spoil it, will follow later, in part 3 (or is it 4).


Music for the heart!


Have a great day