One swallow doth not a summer make. . .

Jul 19, 2011, 5:19 AM |

   Thanks to a a friend I play here regularly, my knowledge of the German language is improving; I now know the word Bordsteinschwalben ~ and the poem below suddenly has a meaning that I might otherwise have missed!




The Youngling and the Kerbstone Swallow 



A youngling met a kerbstone swallow
Her breast was full, her tummy hollow
He said to her: if you've got time
Come drink with me a glass of lime!

The swallow answered: it's a crime
And waste of time to drink a lime!
I would go with you, my dear honey
For proper drinks and for some money!

But oh, the youngling had bad luck
He hadn't got a lousy buck
And so - with heart full and purse hollow
He had to leave the kerbstone swallow




~ m8ed