Poetry-in-Motion 5

May 1, 2010, 8:05 AM |

I had conversation earlier today with a someone about dreams and it set me thinking. It occurred to me that seasonally (it being Spring) that it is probably the most appropriate time for dreams, a time for hope, a time of new life! It reminded me of a poem from a rather obscure individual ~ J R King.




A flower grows from beneath a blanket

Of fine and purest white

It reaches toward the sun for warmth,

For heat and for the light


My love for you grows stronger still,

Despite the surrounding cold

My heart is yours, bartered gone

For yours has it been sold


Its petals shine from morning dew

Its stem grows stiff and strong

It stands strong through the freezing cold

It stands the winter long


I long for you, for your soft touch

I miss the way you smile

The longer that we stay apart

The longer every mile


The flower stretches through the snow

It reaches toward the sun

And now without you the color is gone

The flower's petals, dun


But as we talk, and as we learn

The flower comes back to life

The snow now melts and goes away

As you take away my strife


Spring is here and growth abounds

As you and I are one

We are together, we are in love

The snow for now is done


I see the future, in dreams I have

Of our life, long and true

I see the times where all I need

Are comforting words from you


I see the times when winter comes

As winter tends to do

But we still love, and we still live

And I do still love you


And so we live, with children ours

And a life of much to see

With love we live, to live we love

Happy together are we


I see the flower, older now,

But still strong with fresh new leaves

I see it growing, tall and strong

Reaching to the eaves


We are now old, as years have passed

But old together are we

And strong our love still today

As strong as it can be