Prince Charming :)

Oct 25, 2011, 5:50 PM |

   Well, enough here on Princesses. . . perhaps it is time for an aside singularly toward the subject matter of Prince ~ and I have one in particular in mind, a veritable Prince Charming ~ the likeable, mischievous and somewhat streetwise younger brother of our heir apparent (once-removed) Prince William.


The Prince and the cocktail waitress 

Prince Harry goes Stateside. . .

   A pretty Californian cocktail waitress caught Prince Harry’s eye during his helicopter training course. Pretty brunette Jessica Donaldson, 26, was spotted by the Prince as he took time out of the cockpit for some cocktails. The couple met at the Andaz Hotel in San Diego a couple of weeks ago.

The cocktail waitress: Jessica Donaldson at the Ivy Nightclub in California

The cocktail waitress: Jessica Donaldson at the Ivy Nightclub at Andaz in California 


Cheeky smile: Prince Harry leaving the Andaz Hotel in San Diego

Prince Harry leaving the Andaz Hotel in San Diego 

   They were then spotted at the Belly Up Tavern at Solana Beach enjoying a live jazz performance and drinking beer and cocktails.

   The third in line to the throne arrived in the US at the beginning of the month for a two-month elite helicopter training programme. He hopes it will enable him to take a second tour of duty in Afghanistan. His time in the States with America’s ‘Top Guns’ will see him learn advanced techniques in the Apache attack helicopter between Naval Air Facility El Centro, close to the Mexican border in California.

   Jessica, who is known to friends as Jes, serves the VIPs in the Ivy Club. Her friends say she is great fun and likes to go out and enjoy herself. It is understood that after meeting Prince Harry, she joined him and friends to party at the Andaz hotel and later met him for lunch at a restaurant close to the beach.

   Then last weekend he invited her to the well-known Belly Up Tavern where they danced to live jazz music and enjoyed drinks together.

   The 27-year-old Prince is keen to return to combat since his first deployment in 2007 was cut short after ten weeks due to security fears. 

Wild in white: Jes poses with a friend at the Ivy Nightclub at Andaz in matching white tracksuits

Jes with a friend at the Ivy Nightclub at Andaz in matching white

    Exercise Crimson Eagle, as it iscalled, will take place over locations that replicate the brutal terrain of Afghanistan - soaring mountains and vast desert areas with temperatures that reach well in excess of 110 degrees. The rigorous training is reserved for the British Army Air Corps’ top flying talent and focuses on skills such as live firing and night flying.

   Once the course has finished, Harry will be categorised as ‘limited combat ready’, but will likely need further training before he is able to work as a fully operational pilot.

   Harry split with his long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davy earlier this year following an on-off relationship over a number of years. He is now single again, following a brief summer fling with a blonde lingerie model called Florence Brudenell-Bruce, and known as Flee. 

Top gun: Prince Harry stands in front of an Apache Helicopter during his training in the US

Top gun: Prince Harry in front of his  Apache Helicopter during his training in the US


   Hahaha. . .  I can’t help wondering what his Grandmother would say if he took up with one of our colonial cousins of the fairer sex and introduced American blood into the Royal bloodline ~ jeez, there would be hell-up  J

   The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, once said after speaking at a dinner engagement in New York when asked just how he kept going day after day with so many engagements and such a busy schedule ~ he simply replied:

Centuries of good breeding!




~  m8ed