May 12, 2010, 5:51 AM |

Doesn’t this p*$$ you off? These are still true gems, in rough uncut form maybe, but still true gems none-the-less living in their own special worlds, no less beautiful than the special worlds of all other children. We should be so lucky to get invited inside their world and see it. But NOOO, not in the united states it seems, a place they call the land of the free.


A society of pill poppers and drug pushers...don't like your life, they got a pill for that, don't like your wife, got a pill for that too, a nation where pie-in-the-sky illnesses are invented and named to placate what is often no more than natural characteristics, personality traits or just good old-fashioned bad behaviour or even crime. Highbrow Syndromes and Disorders abound. This is a country that can be expected to ‘do the right thing’. . .  but usually only after they have tried everything else!!! A country where it is almost fashionable to have a therapist and apparently one in four DO! A country where the staple food they dine on comes in pots. . . their vitamin pills! Whatever happened to the normalcy of nutrition and a healthy balanced diet!


Getting back to the point and the immediate issue here. . .  didn't the whole world, including the US,  ban electric shock treatment a LONG LONG time ago! What the hell is wrong? Are we going back to the dark ages with this society?