When you're weary, feeling small... ~ A Little Bit of History

Jan 23, 2011, 7:12 AM |

I have shared this little bit of history with a few friends over the last year or two and just recently shared it with another. She said it was, without doubt, the best mail she had ever received from anyone ~ so I figured it was probably worth sharing here with all!


When you’re weary. . .  feeling small. . .


There is a pub that I often visit when I have guests about 40 mins drive from where I live on the banks of the River Exe in the south of England. There is a weir just 50 yards upstream and you can sit in the beer-garden beneath weeping willows (the trees here) and watch the troubled waters all day!


More than 30 years ago when american Paul Simon had his first  falling-out with Art Garfunkel, he came to England looking for inspiration, he did a few gigs around the country and stayed for a few days in the Devon village of Bickleigh at this very Pub, The Fisherman’s Cot, and of course, he found it!


The rest you know. . .


Here’s a short cut to it ~

The Fisherman's Cot

and a pic of the bridge and weir from the beer-garden, and a couple of the pub & beer garden from the bridge, that I took a while back.



 Cool bananas huh?  Smile ~


And now you know what made Paul Simon write Bridge Over Troubled Waters   Smile