Your Love (part III)

Jan 10, 2011, 1:24 PM |

     k, well here it is, the raison d’être! I saw a post here a while back and the author, who having lost someone very close posted on the subject of Life and on the film The Mission, this is where it took me ~ straight here ~ the rest (the foregoing and the following posts) being just a winding road to bring it to you! It is nothing short of exquisite!


If you remember back to the first part, I made mention and gave a little background to Dulce Pontes, and in part II there was focus on the Morricone compositions that originally hailed from Once Upon a Time in the West; well here they are again only this time ~ each complimenting the other, so here it is again, and here she is again. . .


I'm sure we've all lost or been parted from someone really close and this, once you have listened to it once or twice, you might want to dedicate to them ~ a kinda flight-of-fancy (if you will pardon the use) to ferry them into your mind's eye!


Your Love!


    “Go to your bosom; Knock there, And ask your heart what it doth know”



and the words. . .


~Your Love~


 I woke and you were there
beside me in the night.
You touched me and calmed my fear,
turned darkness into light.

I woke and saw you there
beside me as before
My heart leapt to find you near
to feel you close once more
To feel your love once more.

Your strength has made me strong
Though life tore us apart
and now when the night seems long
your love shines in my heart...
Your love shines in my heart.


And where it all started for me. . .


 part IV to follow


Have a great day  J