My first OTB point against a 2000+ player

Dec 5, 2014, 12:55 AM |

I officially have a chess coach now.  He pointed out some of my weaknesses and gave me some suggestions.  One of which was to not fear the Sicilian.  When I played in highschool I would lose to all people that would play it against me.  So I gathered up the courage and this game I played e4 eventhough I knew my opponent likes to respond with c5.   

First thing... I got lucky. 

I got very lucky that my opponent gifted me a game-changing blunder ... But even before that I was having fun. 

So I made sure I analyzed my game right away and typed out all the thoughts I remember having during game.  I need to continue do this in the future when it is fresh in my mind.  It allows me to spot my weaknesses and helps me improve. 

It lead to the following thoughts...
What are the good ways to counter blacks g7 bishop?
There were MUCH better places to put my bishop on move 7.
How does having the missing centerpawns for white a endgame disadvantage?

And now I catch myself procrastinating.  I should be studying for finals.  I'll probably touch this up later.