My games: 4th Annual BC OPEN

Aug 17, 2014, 2:49 AM |

This was a 4 game, 1 day tourney with a time control of g60/5d

Game 1: This is the first time in my life I played someone above 2100!  I was very excited... 

After the game my opponent was kind enough to talk to me about my weaknesses and how to go about improving them.I had no clue how to take advantage of my endgame lead.  Calculations are very hard to make in endgames.  It seems the possibilities are endless.    My opponent said my calculating were ok and suggested that I study strategies and positional themes.  I am very bad at assessing if a position is "good" or "bad".  I really have to work on that.

Game 2:  I lost my copy of the game... I may post it later. My brain was tired after the first game so I figured I would just focus on having a fun time.  Lucky for me my opponent blundered a piece... But then I blundered too. It was a low stress game and it didn't take too long.  I had white and I lost.  My opponent told me this after the game, "When I dropped the piece I thought, 'at least I get some compensation, My opponent gets a massive attack.'   When I find the notation sheet or if he lets me use his copy I will post it.

Game 3:  After having a fun last round I was ready to try and buckle down and maybe get a half a point.  I have watched my opponent play many times and have played him twice with a score of 1win-1loss.  I have great respect for his use of knights.  He does have a tendancy to neglect the center in the opening though... with that in mind.  Game 3...

I felt like my Saturday was well spent.  And was happy with the result of another enjoyable game.  What opening was it?  IDK.

Game 4:  This was my final game.  I thought I would play my strongest opening as white.  I outrated my opponent by around 250 points so I wondered if I could perhaps comeup with some new ideas.  Well I didn't use new ideas but I was up a pawn then down a bishop then up a rook.  Couldn't ask for a crazier finish to my tournament.

My opponent saw a great in-between move that I missed.  However, even after I dropped a piece, I played on and I seemed to come up with some tactics that saved me...  WHEW!

My results were 2wins-2losses.  I was very satisfied with my results and had a great time!