Caution be blown - I am going for the bloke with the crown

Oct 12, 2009, 2:12 PM |

Well, it was inevitable. Having started many years ago as a purely tactical player, throwing pieces at the enemy until I had only my elbow and an ear lobe to deliver checkmate... for some reason I turned into a fussy, cautious positional player.

Now, again for no discernable reason, I am going for that rotund bloke hiding behind a wall of priviledged pawns and a frisky, but watchful steed, upon which (I imagine) is seated a chap full of Arthurian principles of valour and duty.

Stuff them all, I say ... I will raise a rabble, train them in subtefuge and guerilla warfare and get them to storm the castle, with the promise of glorious goods and life changing riches. Thereupon the king will submit or be declared dead.

Now who can I try this on? Come on you high-grade players, it's do or die for me!

 By the way, if my grade takes a nosedive, you will already know the outcome of this little adventure! 

However, don't you sometimes feel like ripping something apart and winkling out the goodies, like a whelk from its shell?  Me too!