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I have had it with these blogs

I have had it with these blogs

Oct 10, 2009, 7:18 AM 2

There I go writing about what works for me in terms of improving my chess - even in the lean times when one's grade yo-yo for whatever pscho-emotional reasons (or simply because you left a piece en prise Buster!).

Anyway, having posted 'Where's My Philosopher's Stone?' I noticed it was read by loads of people who did not even bother to leave a note - but who had the gall to tell me they had used the ideas to give me a spanking good game - especially players graded below me. What is the world coming to?  Come on guys, encourage me to write more insights that transcends my meagre grade; that elevates me to challenge, with confidence, the players floating in the grade stratosphere of Chess.com.

Talk to me darn you!!

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