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The loneliness of the gunfighter

The loneliness of the gunfighter

Apr 3, 2009, 2:27 PM 3

Since joining Chess.com I have seen my grade rise and rise to 2051, settling to around 1900ish, though I have always felt it should be between 1850-1900. However, of late, I would add approximately 50 to 100 points to that range - except when I blunder!

 I have had my good moments where tactically and positionally I have been as sharp as a razor-my main problem being the openings which I am gradually getting to grips with.

However, there are times when I play like a lemon and lose to much lower graded opponents; clearly missing opportunities and blundering like a bulldog in a delicatessen.  Is this the experience of most Chess.com players?

Hey though, when I am sharp - I am sharp, I only hope I can be more sharp than dull!  Happy pawn pushing (patzer) everyone.

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