Useful things I Have Recently Tried That Helps Me to Win

Aug 2, 2014, 12:27 AM |

Aha, in one of my deep reflections on why I have lost a recent game and failed to win from a favourable position in another, I have discovered some very useful stuff recently! 

In checking out several of my analysis, I have found that the computer uses the words: inaccurate moves a lot and in some cases...blunder. What then constitute an innacurate move or a blunder ?

Well, a blunder is just that; it's a move which cedes your opponent a material or strong postional advantage.

But, what indeed is an inaccurate move? Let's explore this in some detail.

Is the move, seeming a good initial move, actually leading to worse position in terms of piece placement, communication or developmental efficacy?

Does this move allow the opponent to improve his position through threats, space, mobility, open lines or tactical considerations?

Have you explored the position from all reasonable aspects?...( bearing in mind that there is always a saving move if you can find it early enough)

Is there a loose piece; an exposed king; a piece doing too much; a position too cramped for piece communication; pieces far from the king's defence; a queen or other piece with blocked escape routes.

Have you really looked at the position from all angles to find the move which wins the beauty contest; the Iron Man event; the crushing blow or the route to the win? Yeah?  Good - now win the game!