5 stupid things I learned to improve my chess game.

Apr 13, 2008, 11:47 PM |

5 stupid things I learned to improve my chess game.


Ok they aren’t stupid, per-say just common sense things better players take for granted and new players my not stop to notice


My introduction to chess was when I was about 11. A friend of mine showed me how the pieces moved. Armed with

that little bit of knowledge I have tried to win at chess for the next 28+ years.  I NEVER did. Then I found this site and talked to few people and read a little, (very little) and found my game improving immensely. Some common sense things for a beginner to keep in mind are:


Re: Knights, a knight resting on a black square, can never attack a black square.

Re: Knights, knights can attack up to 8 squares if placed in the canter of the board, never get knights stuck on the edge of the board.

Re: Bishops, your bishops can never land on the same square ever in a game. (ok , that might seem really dumb to point out, but it matters to a beginner.)

Re: Bishops, Don’t block your bishops in with your pawns!

Re WINNING! , you have to have more than one piece to win the game! You cant get a checkmate if you don’t have any strong pieces to pin the opposing king down with.