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Game against a GM

Game against a GM

Dec 5, 2008, 3:49 PM 0

One of this days i wanted to post something here, but i didn't know what haha. today i saw the survey Have you played against a GM? so i decided to post my only game with a GM.

The tournament was "Internacional de Alajuela 2007" in my country Costa Rica. This was firts round and i got to played in the 5 board against NIkola Mitkov (2535)!!! at the end he finished in second place of the tournament.





I have also played against MI's:

black against Bernal Gonzalez (2440 Costa Rica) lose in Dicember 2005, black against Alexis Murillo (2323 Costa Rica) lose in December 2007, and black against Daniel Pulvett (2207 Venezuela) draw in August 2008

With MF's i dont know haha but i think is kind of near to the half of the points (maybe 2/5)

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