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Alekhine's sacrifices in a blindfold game

Alekhine's sacrifices in a blindfold game

Sep 11, 2016, 1:58 PM 0

Alekhine retained a love for the grand sacrifice. He indulged himself fully in exhibition games and simultaneous displays - even those played without the sight of the board. Any player with his eyes open would treasure the exquisite little combination that he played in his famous blindfold games against Feldt. 


Reti made an interesting observation about Alekhine's combinative style. He noted that with most players the surprise comes with the initial sacrifice, but with Alekhine the surprise often comes at the end of the combination. Alekhine was so keen to play brilliant chess that he would look beyond the early moves of a combination, and perhaps its apparent failure, to see a hidden idea behind. Hope you see some sacrificial combinations in your games as well ! Good Luck ! 
Credits: How to become a deadly chess tactician by David LeMoir 

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