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Beginner Chess Endgame studies: Checkmate with two Bishops !

Beginner Chess Endgame studies: Checkmate with two Bishops !

Sep 8, 2016, 1:51 PM 1
"In order to improve your game, you must study endgame before everything else" - Capablanca, World Chess Champion, 1921-1927
Hello friends, 
           Today I share with you how to checkmate with two bishops and a king against a lone king. It looked complicated to me when I started but now I find it interesting after having spent some time on it. Please follow the below steps systematically. Though there are quicker ways to checkmate, I am sharing with you a systematic approach that I came across after watching a video on YouTube. 
Step 1: Make sure you control the central squares e4, e5, d4 and d5 with your bishops. 
Step 2: Move your bishops to the center of the board cutting the entry of the king to only half the battlefield. 
Step 3: Get your King closer to two "Bishop Brothers" and move ahead like a family. Keep them together by pushing the opponent king to the edge of the board eventually cornering him. 
Step 4: You have to play a "waiting move" at times just to control a key square or make sure you don't get a stalemate position. 
Hope this helps ! 

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