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Love is to Sacrifice !

Love is to Sacrifice !

Sep 7, 2016, 2:18 PM 1
Some chess-players always seem to have a trick up their sleeve. They spot unlikely-looking tactical tricks, launch cunning attacks from seemingly quiet positions and are unrelenting when the enemy king is in their sights. Even when things go wrong, they create practical chances and repeatedly swindle their way out of trouble. From his earliest years, Alekhine loved to attack. His games overflowed with sacrifices big and small. 
In time, Alekhine developed his skills in all facets of the game. He often finished off his masterpieces with attractive sacrificial combinations, but aggressive positional play became the basis of the game. However, he was willing to sacrifice, particularly pawns, to grab the initiative and pursue his positional ends, and this made him probably the first truly dynamic player - interchanging material and other elements in the main phases of the chess battle.  
Credits: "How to become a deadly Chess Tactician" by David LeMoir

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