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GM Wesley So Nailed his win in ACP Golden Classic Tourney!!

GM Wesley So Nailed his win in ACP Golden Classic Tourney!!

Jul 19, 2014, 12:09 AM 0

Up Rising Young GM Wesley So (20 yrs.) prove his rights to be as one of Top GM (Rank #12 2757 elo) to compete in biggest Chess Tournament in the near future.As he nailed another Win against GM Jobava in rnd.6 at the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) Golden Classic just a half point in his game tommorow 20/7/2014 make him sure win in the Tournament.


            In this game another unsual move in opening was intoduce by GM So in move  5.Kf1 after his reply 4..Bb4 + move away his king as temporary Castling to prevent the pin on Knight in 5.Nc3 which makes a target attack on e4 pawn as 5..Nf6 and build some pressure on centre which he avoided.GM Jobava  move 20..b5 inaccuracy sacrificing his pawn take Gm So in leading material advantage as the position for black went fall down after the exchanging of pieces Congratulation to GM WESLEY SO.   


A40 Queen's pawn, Keres defence

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