Wesley So (2740.2) is leading after the first leg with 3.5/5 in Capablanca Memorial 2014

Wesley So (2740.2) is leading after the first leg with 3.5/5 in Capablanca Memorial 2014

May 13, 2014, 11:28 PM |

Greeting to all Chess Members  good day ahead to everyone recently 2014 past tournaments that I followed and watch this the first time I saw this opening played again in such period of time  French Defense: Winawer. Poisoned Pawn Variation Main Line (C18)

and its interesting to know more about what have been wrong for white position why he end up loosing his position.

Perhaps many at first did not consider it among the main favourites to win the Elite Group of the 49 Edition of the Capablanca Memorial; but after the conclusion of the first phase of the tournament, probably the filipino Grandmaster Wesley So (2731) has become a stronger candidate to succeed in the contest of 19th category in the scale of FIDE.
So he won two games and engaged in the other three. His ELO live has increased in nine units, so with 2740 already entered between the first 20 places in the rankings; But beyond the numbers, perhaps the most impressive of the young Grand Master was that their King rarely was in danger, to a lot quality opponents.
In the fifth round, the filipino led black to Zoltan Almasi (2693). The Hungarian opened with the King pawn, So responded with the French defense. There was opposite castling and white was treated, with the advance of the pawn by column "a", destabilize the defensive plan of black; Although this did not work.
The filipino was a threatening pawn at e2; but it seemed that Almasi could get out of the predicament; However, moving 34 took his lady to g3 and this was the beginning of the end. Immediately, So he took advantage of his opponent's error and found the winning plan. Before the material disadvantage and the inability to prevent the coronation of the pawn, Almasi yielded their King.
Soon after, Vassily Ivanchuk (2753) returned to demonstrate that it not going through its best moment. The Ukrainian faced the Spanish Francisco Vallejo-Pons (2700) and for the second time in the contest returned to sacrifice a horse. The result was the same as against Almasi: another defeat.


                                             Game 1





2nd game 
Amazing Game: Wesley So The Filipino 16 yr old Super GM killer-French Defense