english opening without fianchetto

Apr 30, 2014, 10:58 AM |

In this game played in first international tournment of Avellino 2014 (Italy), white player has opened with lateral pawn in c4 (english opening), and after Cf6, Cc3, has occuped center with e4 and d4..

a great problem for black, that nevertheless doesn't think to open the king fianchetto, to pursue the bishop blackfield direct to e4 and closing the same bishop in e7, after e6 and d6. This is the weakest defens against english opening, in fact is obvoious that black player must immediately opening king fianchetto, even so white player must do the same. And in fact, after fifty moves, black player has lost the game.. but he was only eleven, in dispart his good elo, while i'm forty and i've learn something about England :)