freedom is most precious of all bones

May 2, 2014, 4:26 AM |

In the first international tournment of Avellino it is occured a singolare position in the final of the third game played between me (3n category) and a n.c. player very strong in his way to play.

In middlegame, the expansion of white pawns in the centre, push the enemy bishop in the corner of the board (a7) anf this weak condition is the key that white player could utilize to conduct his final game.

Really, he adopted wrong choice, not advancing his king against black king in enemy field and protecting his pawns isle, already safe.

In addition white player could bring his bishop, free and active in attack of weakest point of black, that it's not c7 such can appears but d6 (see the diagram under).

The correct way to remarke the weakness ok black bishop, slave in the corner (a7 - b8) was to use an other line of attack, precisely bringing white bishop on the diagonal a5-d8, with a bishop sacrifice very strong..

In fact, after 37. .. Ad8 38. Ab8 39.Rf4 Re6 40.Re4 Rd7 41.Ah4 (if moves the bishop black loose opposition,if keeps opposition, after Af2, not moving the bishop ends in zugzwang) Re6 42.Af2 Rf6 43.Ad4+ Re6 44.Rf4 Re7 45.Rf5 Rf7 46.Rf6 Re8 47.Re6 (now it's ended manouvre of king, white player can begin second part of his plane.. sacrifice his bishop on d6) Aa7 48.Ae7 (finally bishop is free) Ae3 49.c4 Ad2 50.b5 (the attack must be done not on the c7 square but on d6 square). Axa5 51.bxa6 Ab6 52.Axd6 cxd6 53.Rxd6 Rd8 54.Rxc6 Aa7 55.Rb7 Ad4 56.a7 Axa7 57.Rxa7 Rd7, the win of white is sure (cfr. diagram): white player has sacrificed his bishop to have two passed pawns and united advancing to queen. This is the sortof a free bishop to launch his pawns in queening mission.