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falkbeer countergambit - don't be afraid

falkbeer countergambit - don't be afraid

May 12, 2014, 5:40 AM 0

Gambit's openings are very aggressives and black must immediately counterattack, but without loose balance of his pieces. My favourite defense about king's gambit is falkbeer countergambit. In this game against first category player, he played the gambit trying to put me into difficulties and I, initially have adopted my best defens line. After 1. e4 - e5 2. f4 - d5 3. exd5 - e4 4. d3 - Cf6 (Charouselsky main line) 




Instead of Cf6, black can capture pawn in d6. In alternativehe can capture pawn in d5 by the queen, but it is a line not winning because after 5. Cc3 - Ab4 6. Dd2 - De6 7. dxe4 - Axc3 8. Dxc3 - De4 ch 9. Rf2 - Cf6 10. Ad3 - Dc6 11. Dxc6 - Cxc6 12. Cf3 the position is draw (cfr. diagram).

(the source of this line is Theoretisch handbuck des schachpiels of J. Dufresne).

If black desires more, he can choose, like in the game, 6. ..Cf6 and here the correct move is to capture pawn in d4 and to move his king side pawns, loosing the quality but having a strong pawns center, like in Spielmann - Tarrash game.


But, my adversary didn't play correctly because he didn't capture the pawn but moved queen knight in d2. Now, I should pin the knight by ... Ab4 and, if c3, the pawn in d3 but overall, black can move his pawn in e3 trheatening exd2 if white captures the bishop, otherwise black sacrifices bishop, gaining a tempo and attacking with ... Ag4, Cf4 and after castling Te8 and enemy king is in the trouble (the black must not to be afraid!).

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