my first fide tournament

Apr 4, 2015, 1:08 AM |

this was my first tounament and i expected a rating of 1800+,but just see what happend

i got exicted that i won over a near 1500 player and i thought i would get 1800 easily

in second round i played a 1720 rated player

but lost it

he offered me a draw but as an ameture i thought he had a losing position so he asked for it and said no after some time game turned and now i offered him a draw but he said no and i lost the game

third round is with a 1332 rating opponent and i won it


in fourth round i got a 1559 rated player with white and i lost

i won 2 in 4 and i lost 2 1559 this means i cant get 1800

fifth round with a 1339 rated player

i won it and finally got my fide rating as (1356)