ANALYSIS OF MY GAMES IN :Team India plays Bobby Fischer Group: 1500-1800 - Board 2

Sep 27, 2014, 3:54 AM |



GAME 1 WITH pencix54. In this game, I create pawn weakness for white after his mistakes in opening, get a passed pawn for myself. I avoid falling into trap set by him where he could have won my queen with discovery had i been careless. I advance my passed pawn, underpromote it, and set a trap for him, he falls for it and resigns.

TACTICS: Pin, discovery, double attack/fork, underpromotion

STRATEGY: Passed pawn creation, pressure against central pawns, creating pawn weakness: isolated pawns, doubled pawns, space advantage

my analysis

analysis by Toga II in scid 4.2.2 


analysis :

GAME 2 with pencix54: my opponent fails to capitalise on my opening error and win a pawn for him, later on i win a piece, and make 5 consecutive 

analysis:beautiful knight moves to weaken opponents position and win a N + P for my N