CHESS STRATEGY for club players: MY NOTES

Aug 31, 2013, 2:24 AM |

Hermen Grootens Statements :

In section on planning:


There are no two ways about this. Making the right assessment and building up a reasoning which is founded on logiC this is the key to success. 

We cannot analyse a position, unless we know which feature to look for (Alexander Kotov in play like a GM)

KARPOV & MAZOKEVICH's : 7 criteria to assess a position.

1 . What is the material balance?

2. Are there any (direct) threats?

3. How is the safety of both kings?

Indicators to assess the safety of the king:

• counting the number of attackers; 

• counting the number of defenders;  

• counting the number of pawns.

4. Pawn structure : 

a. Where are the open lines and diagonals?

b. Are there any strong squares?

c. Who is controlling the centre?

d. Who has more space and where on the board does he have it?

5. Which pieces are active and which are not?