Sep 27, 2014, 3:11 AM |
0 mobile application is really nice one, as you can play online chess games, online games, read articles, solve puzzles, watch videos while you are on the move. But it has certain drawbacks, What are they? Here is one such draw back.

 In this position, I am black, playing one of the team matches. Here is the link for the same. 







 In this position, black can exchange of the rooks and being a bishop ahead, he has winning chances. So I was winning here. this position was reached in the night of 26/09/2014.

The next day after noon 27/09/2014, i switch on the mobile and to my shock i see following position...






How did this happen?

My 5 year old daughter, while playing with talking tom on mobile, notices that its my turn to make a move and she moves the bishop. !!!!

And i resign......