My 24th tournament

Sep 19, 2013, 8:21 AM |

First 2 game i win against sardar 76.

here is the game against sardar76. A very intersting game. early int he game i win a pawn, following which there is equal exchange of materials, with me having a extra pawn. B+R vs B+ R endgame results. Where in my extra passed pawn decides the game.

Here , is aRuy lopez game against the same opponent. Early in the game I sacrifice my B and N for a pawn and Rook. During which only my opponents king moves around, and not his pieces !!. later my opponent had few chances, but misses it, and I win with his blunder at move 46. 

My first loss.My 12th move, cost me the game, and later i resigned in a bad position.

My 2nd loss  Grand prix attack. Poor opening by me, cost a piece, and i resign.

My 3rd loss. Caro kan defence. Poor middle game by me. Blunder in the end cost me a rook , and i resign

Couldnt see the threat building against my king. So dumb off me, walked into mate !! FrownCry