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Sep 14, 2013, 7:39 AM |

My 24th tournament for 1601-1800 i win with opponents blunder. was interesting one. my grandprix goes wrong. Down a piece i resign. my win. intersting game. rook endgame after couple of exchanges. better pawn structure and a passed pawn for me and my opponent resigns. A bad game by me, and a premature resignation in a bad position. A INTERSTING GAME. WITH DRAWING TACTICS FOR OPPONENT. I WIN bad game by me.Frown


My ALEKHINE TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 : Down in this game, because of opening disaster. however my opponent misses a chance to win a exchange, resulting in i pinning his bishop and later winning it. My active rooks and queen + knight trap his king. Unable to defend against, my opponent reigns. What to say abt this game. Here again I was bad. Opponent had a well supported advanced paen in my camp. My pieces hadnt developed. the advanced pawn of his along with his pieces were putting tremendous pressure on me. One wrong move by opponent allows me to free my pieces and equalize. Later wrong piece to defend the king from check is used by opponent, and i was able to check mate him.

20th Sicilian Nadjorf thematic tournament : link

only few games will be posted passed pawns for me i win winning exchange and the game B vs N endgame, A drawish one, I blunder and loose from bad to win, tactics involved poor game by me a poor tactic with a loss


20th Thematic Tournament - Sicilian Najdorf (1401-1600)

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My Group:

Group #97123456ScoreTie Break
1.  MART_trese (1587)  X  1  1  1  1  1 10 40
2.  manichessrookie (1421)  0 X  1  1  1  1 7 21
3.  RAGut (1557)  0  0 X  1  1  1 6 14
4.  demank (1526)  0  1  0 X  1  1 5 11
5.  ifantawtuguexx11 (1458)  0  0  0  0 X  1 2 0
6.  bucaroangel (1490)  0  0  0  0  0 X 0 0

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  • here is a game of sicilian defence open variation with me as white. I had good chances, however, because of my miscalculation i loose a pawn. I plan to win it back, but black plays well. Another mistake, later in the game results in black having the advantage. but his slight inaccuracy allows me to draw the game.